MINI-HP-VONG is the little brother of VONG-Filterung. It consists of an 1MΩ input buffer and an adjustable High-Pass Filter (2nd order; -12dB/Oct.). The cutoff frequency can be adjusted continuously between 30 Hz and 140 Hz.

The MINI-HP-VONG is a tool to adjust your sound to the room you’re playing in. Boomy room acoustics can be mitigated. To do that, just set the pot as high as needed, but as low as possible to keep your low-end.

Also it can protect your speakers from subsonic frequencies produced by suboctave octavers or playing technique (e.g. Slap/Pop/Thumbing)

Additionally it is also nice to drastically cut the bottom end with the MINI-HP-VONG and then add a bass boosting pedal to your chain. That way you’ll get a tight but super punchy sound.

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Specs: |

Enclosure:| A (38 mm x 90 mm x 30 mm)

Jacks: | “top-mount”

Bypass Type: | no bypass – always on

Input Voltage:| 9V (center negative), (24V max.)

Current-Draw:| 5mA @ 9V