The VONG-Filterung is a multipurpose gizmo; due to the high input impedance (10MΩ) it is applicable for magnetic and piezo pickups.

The VONG-Filterung features:

  • adjustable HighPass-Filter (30-140Hz)
    • 4th Order-Filter -> -24dB/Oct.
      • -12dB/Oct. fixed at 30Hz
      • -12dB/Oct. adjustable
  • adjustable LowPass-Filter (.250-22kHz)
    • 2nd Order-Filter
      • -12dB/Okt. adjustable
  • DI-Out
    • with Ground-Lift-Switch
  • adjustable Boost (up to +16dB) for the 1/4″-Output
  • Polarity-Switch (180°-Phase) for the 1/4″-Output

The Footswitch allows three different configurations:

  1. LowPass-Filter: ON/OFF
  2. Volume-Pot (Boost): ON/OFF
  3. Volume-Pot (Boost) and LowPass-Filter: ON/OFF

The first two options are quite intuitive – though it’s good to mention that there’s no audible difference between LPF=ON@22kHz and LPF=OFF therefore it is not needed to turn the LPF off if it is not wanted; just turn the knob to 22kHz and forget about it. 

The third option is quite nice to avoid the a drop in volume if the LPF is set to very low frequencies. That way it is possible to get reggae-like sounds without any volume drops.

enclosure: 125B (122mm x 67mm x 39mm)
1/4"-jacks: top-mount
XLR-OUT: left side
bypass type: no Bypass
input voltage: 9V(center negative)
current draw: 32mA