OMNILOOPER is the ideal tool to fuse different effects together to create new sounds. It consists of three effect loops (Inserts), two of which are equipped with filters (1x LPF/1x HPF) with -12dB/Oct. per Filter. The filters position in the chain can be switched (Filter -> Insert, Insert -> Filter, or Filter off). If turned off completely, three parallel fullrange effect loops are possible. To be able to use even effects which are normally only utilizable directly in front of passive guitars/basses (e.g. Fuzzes) the Omnilooper offers an impedance switch for each send output.

In addition two of the three effect loops deliver a phase switch to minimize phase cancellation issues.

The Approach is: If an effect in the LO-Insert/HI-Insert flips the phase, LO-Phase/HI-Phase switch needs to be engaged. In case an effect on the Fullrange-Insert is responsible for cancellation issues, the phase-switch on both LO-Phase and HI-Phase switch need to be engaged. This ways every possible cancellation issue can be avoided.

On top there’s a Bass-EQ (bass boost only, 60Hz, Bell-EQ). Which can be engaged via foot switch.
Use case: If an overdrive and a distortion pedal is used in the HI-Loop and the distortion pedal is added to overdrive pedal, sound-wise the HI-Path gets more present in the overall mix. By engaging the bass boost in that situation, the overall sound can be adjusted.

Due to space constraints each effects loop is summarized to an insert jack. Which is a stereo jack with Tip = Send, Ring = Return. Even though this kind of effects loop may feel unknown, it is used in recording studio equipment for decades.

The needed Y-cables or Y-insert-cables can be bought in almost every music gear store.

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Enclosure:| BB2 (119,50 mm x 94,00 mm x 37,75 mm)

Jacks:| “top-mount”

Inserts:| Tip: Send, Ring: Return

Bypass Type: | relay based true bypass

Input Voltage:| 9V (center negative), (12V max.)

Current-Draw:| 85mA