Paranoia is full parametric 1-band EQ. The Frequency-Range can be switched between low (34-340 Hz) and mid (0,22-2,2 kHz). If desired it can also be configured to switch between mid (0,2-2 kHz) und high (1,5-15 kHz)

Via the Frequency-Pot the Frequency is set. The set Frequency can be cut or boosted by +/-17 dB via the cut.BOOST-Pot. The Q-Pot sets the Q-Factor; It can be set from 14 (notch) to 0,7 (broad). To mitigate drops or just in volume the overall volume can be adjusted by the Output-Pot; It has a range of +/-18 dB.

The dc-input voltage is internally doubled to assure enough headroom.

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Enclosure: | 125B (122 mm x 67 mm x 39 mm)

Jacks: | “top-mount”

Bypass Type: | relay-based TrueBypass

Input Voltage:| 9 V (center negative), (12 V max.)

Current-Draw:| 59 mA