Assembly Preparation

Now we take the tooth washer which comes with the footswitch and solder a wire to it.

GUMA-048We’ll use the tooth washer later to ground the enclosure.

About shielding:

If we ground the enclosure it will act like a shild. Ungrounded the shielding effect is much smaller.

GUMA-051The 125B/1590N1-enclosures aren’t rectangular, thus we need to mount the input- and outputjacks with a small angle. I use a piece of wire, which I put under the jacks (see in the pictures). Then I solder them.


GUMA-054Insert the dc-jack…

GUMA-055and solder it.


Note: If you like, you can cautiously clean the areas arround the jacks again with PCB-cleaner.

GUMA-056Solder wires to the “ON/OFF”-Port.


GUMA-058Use tape to fix three washers together. (they come with the jacks)

GUMA-059Then use hot glue or super glue to glue the washers to the jacks.

If you use hot glue, make sure not to apply to much glue.

GUMA-060Scratch off some coating arround the footswitch-hole to ensure an electrical connection between the enclosure and the theeth washer.

GUMA-062Mark one side of the LED with permanent marker and remember which side it was. Now cut the legs of the LED to 9-11mm.

GUMA-063Put the LED in the socket. Align correctly!