NE_04 V2


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To assemble the pcb the following parts are needed:

- (all 0207, 1% metalfilm)
quantity type
5x 1k
3x 10k
1x 12k
1x 15k
1x 39k
1x 47k
3x 1M
quantity type
1x 47pF (spacing 5.0mm, film)
1x 3,9nF (spacing 4.0mm, film)
1x 8,2nF (spacing 4.0mm, film)
1x 56nF (spacing 6.2mm, film)
5x 100nF (0.1µF) (spacing 5.0mm, film)
1x 1µF (spacing 5.0mm, film)
5x 10µF (max-Ø:5.0mm, 25V, electrolytic)
1x 100µF (max-Ø:7.0mm, 25V, electrolytic)
quantity type
1x 1N4003
1x 1N4148
1x LED low current 3mm (e.g. red)
1x BC547B
1x 78L05
1x TL072
quantity type
1x FRT5 DC5V or Takamisawa A-5W-K Relay
1x dc-jack print
2x NMJ4HCD2 mono jack
1x 16/17mm pot angled print 50kA (log)
1x 16/17mm pot angled print 2x50kA (log)
1x trimmer pot 50k (spacing 5/10mm)
1x footswitch (small, min. 1xSPDT)
1x washer for footswitch
1x pcb switch latchingwith caps
4x wires10cm each
1x enclosure: 1590N1 or 125B


  • scissors and/or scalpel
  • superglue/hot glue
  • insulating-tape
  • solder
  • lacquer (spraypaint)
  • some decals
  • tools (soldering iron, side cutter, round nose pliers/tweezers, desoldering pump/-braid, screw drivers, a set of socket spanners or a wrench, lighter)
  • grain alcohol, brake cleaner, (optional: PCB cleaner)
  • steel wool
  • paper towel
  • lint-free cloth